Drug/Alcohol Addictions — Let Us Change Things!

Drug/Alcohol Addictions — Let Us Change Things!.


Drug/Alcohol Addictions — Let Us Change Things!

The War on Drugs was a dismal failure! Millions of Dollars were spent/wasted. Dare and other programs.

We can help addicts, if they want that help!

The drug laws have laws where a Judge can not rule with his heart/mind. We need to change this. Too many people are in prison–too long of terms.

I am not talking about Marijuana. Crack, Cocaine, Oxycontin and others. Our Alcohol/Drug Recovery Centers are total failures. And, there are not many rehab centers.

I would like to hear from others, who want to change the system. It is my belief (and I could be wrong), that if men/women worked with addicts –their wives would not be lost. We can not save the world, but we can help make changes.

Hello World! Love.  I would also like to hear from everyone inerested in seeking changes in mental health and medications.

Did you know that thousands of people, who are in jail/prisons are mental health, alcohol and drugf addicts. We can change some lives.

Hello World! Love. Charlie

Love! What Goes Around Comes Around — To Me!

Definition of Love:

Strong affection

Warm attachment

Attraction based on sexual desire

Unselfish loyal and concern for others

Feel a passion. devotion


Take pleasure in

               There is a difference between love and sex.

When children are small, it’s easy to see if a child is happy. . Even babies have telltale signs of happiness and unhappiness. Love makes the difference.

Have most of  our problems: crime, addictions, poverty, resulted   because  lack of love?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone  volunteered in hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, mental health facilities?  Isn’t that love?

Why are we  hesitant in showing/sharing love — or caring for others?

Hello World!

Charles Charles







What Is Speed Volunteering? — What Goes Around Comes Around — To Me!

I have heard young people remark, “I do not want to do anything free!”

So, what does speed volunteering do/

When you volunteer  services, you will probably never receive a “thank you.”  Most volunteers do not want nor expect thanks.  When you do something “for nothing,” it is sculpting CHARACTER…

Many senior citizens volunteer for long hours, at a hospital, community center, or elsewhere. This is not  always necessary. Speed volunteering requires minutes of r time.

Have you helped an elderly person? Taken someone to the grocery store? Answered a neighbors  critical question? There are many things that you can  be done

.What have you done—— volunteering and/or speed volunteering?

Hello World!

Tenn Man

Charles Charles






Love Could Be Answer For Many Problems! –What Goes Around Comes Around– To Me!

America has many problems –  upside down economy,  lack of jobs, political upheaval, juvenile gangs, murders, many crimes committed by  illegals, adult children killing parents, children killing children. bullying, stupid drug laws, and a costly war on drugs, corrupt politicans. .

Could  the lack of love and attention  cause these   problems? If a child does not receive  love,  then, there is  no one to guide  him/her through life.

Why is it that Americans do not share their lives —with homeless people, mental health residents, inter-city families, and others? Are  we afraid of those who live in poor areas?

Recently, a group of Cincinnati high school students visited a poor downtown area. One of the kids said, “I didn’t know that these people were like us.”


Hello World!


Many Adults Are Terrible Teachers! What Goes Around Comes Around — to Me!

Many of us are poor teachers!

We should teach children to be creative and critical thinkers.

Children can  be taught that they “should know who they are.”

We must make children “independent” “creative” “critical” thinkers.Children and adult children must be taught “to take care of themselves.”

And, a sound, strong support system can help them. Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Friends.

Oh, yeah —why haven’t  schools, families, and others demanded that children be taught money, finances –every school day!

Hello World!

Tenn Man

Charles Charles